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ool Chips™ represent a new development for cooling, refrigeration, and thermal management. One of the first industrial applications of nanotechnology, Cool Chips use thermionic technology to deliver up to a projected 55% of the maximum (Carnot) theoretical efficiency for heat pumps. Conventional refrigerators operate at up to 45% efficiency and current thermoelectric systems (Peltier Effect) operate at 5-8% efficiency.

ool Chips plc has created "Cool Chips" which use electrons to carry heat from one side of a vacuum diode to the other.  The system, currently under development, contains no moving parts or motors and can be miniaturized for use in micro-electronic applications.  In almost every electronics cooling application, an active cooling system powered by Cool Chips Technology will be superior to the more conventional passive solutions.

ctive license negotiations are currently underway to develop specific applications for Cool Chips. Development efforts are focused on refining manufacturing processes and delivering production prototype devices to potential partners.

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